VINA-D21 ARM Cortex M0+ Control Module
VINA-D21 ARM Cortex M0+ Control Module
VINA-D21 ARM Cortex M0+ Control Module
VINA-D21 ARM Cortex M0+ Control Module
VINA-D21 ARM Cortex M0+ Control Module
VINA-D21 ARM Cortex M0+ Control Module
VINA-D21 ARM Cortex M0+ Control Module
VINA-D21 ARM Cortex M0+ Control Module

VINA-D21 ARM Cortex M0+ Control Module

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VINA-D21 ARM Cortex M0+ Control Module

The VINA-D21 Control Module is a pluggable controller that saves time and money by incorporating all of the important control-section features into a single, modular design that can be used over and over again. The VINA-D21 saves design time, CAD time, test and debug time, and reduces prototype time, complexity, and risk. Useful for custom applications, one-off projects, breadboarded prototypes, and even stand-alone projects with all of the common essentials built-in.

Use the VINA-D21 Control Module to get your project going quickly by starting with a known good foundation with all of the essentials built-in. Utilize the VINA-D21 Eagle Part for quick and easy integration into your CAD design.

Capable of running standalone, modular piggy back on application-specific boards, or breadboarded, the VINA-D21 is a great choice for your next project.

VINA-D21 at a glance

CircuitPython and UF2 Bootloader pre-installed, easy Quick-Start, flexible power input, powerful debug capabilities, Large 64MB SPI Flash Filesystem for data and program storage, Microchip Atmel ATSAMD21G18A ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU, I2C connectors, UARTs, A/D Inputs, DAC, Digital I/O, USB, Capacitive Touch, RTC Crystal. See the ATSAMD21G18A Datasheet for detailed information on its capabilities.

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Everything you need for a powerful control module:

  • POWER : Powerful microcontroller — the Microchip Atmel ATSAMD21G18

  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE : All industrial spec parts for reliable operation in demanding applications

  • CONNECTIVITY : USB interface for connecting to your development PC or Laptop computer for programming; provides virtual com port for CircuitPython console and UART, and mass storage filesystem interface to the 64MB on-board flash for programs and data storage; can additionally be used in your application 

  • CONTROL & INTERFACING : Two I2C interface ports directly on-board for connecting the multitude of sensors, displays, keypads, etc, on this common bus; additionally, VINA-D21 brings out Digital I/O, UARTs, I2C, SPI, A/D, DAC, USB, and many other useful control and interfacing capabilities to the edge connections

  • DEVELOPMENT & DEBUG : CircuitPython and UF2 Bootloader pre-installed to get started developing right away with just a laptop or PC and a text editor; no extra software or IDEs to install and no extra hardware to purchase; and with a standard ARM Cortex SWD debug header on-board, low level programming and source-level, single-step debugging is easy using a hardware programmer like the Segger J-Link

  • DATA STORAGE : Large 64 MB of on-board flash filesystem storage space for your programs and data presented as an external drive on your development workstation; soldered directly to the board, this flash storage won’t suffer from corrosion or vibration in harsh environments like SD-Card type storage are prone

  • FLEX VOLTAGE : Robust power section with wide voltage input range for flexible and reliable operation, and enough headroom to supply power to other devices - up to about 3 amps; incorporates industrial grade Molex latch-lock connector that will not vibrate loose even in the most demanding applications



  • Powerful 32-bit ARM Cortex M0+ using the ATSAMD21G18A
  • 256KB Firmware Flash
  • 32KB Static RAM
  • CircuitPython pre-installed
  • Easy to get start developing immediately using only a PC or Laptop, and a text editor
  • UF2 Bootloader per-installed
  • No IDEs or complicated development environments to set up or install and no additional hardware needed for programming
  • USB port for programming and interfacing
  • Virtual COM port for connecting to the console using standard terminal emulator from a PC or Laptop - no additional hardware required for programming
  • Large 64MB Flash Filesystem for data and programs
  • Mass Storage Device interface to PC or Mac for downloading programs
  • Wide voltage input from 3.7 to 24V with robust Latch-Lock connector that won't vibrate loose
  • Can be powered from USB port
  • Many on-board peripherals for control and interfacing, including Digital I/O, UARTs, I2C, SPI, ADC, DAC
  • 2 x I2C connectors, 4-pins each supplying SCL, SDA, GND, and optional 3.3V to power external I2C devices like sensors and displays
  • On-board I2C pull-ups, can be optionally disabled
  • ARM Cortex SWD Debug Port for low-level firmware flashing and source level single-step debugging with hardware programmer support such as the Segger J-Link
  • Small Size: 1.6 x 2.0 inches
  • Low Power
  • All Industrial grade parts, ready for demanding control applications