RX50 H-Bridge Motor Driver

REACTOR RX50 H-Bridge Motor Driver

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  • With optional heatsink installed:
    30 Amps continuous, 40 Amps peak

    With NO heat-sink installed:
    10 Amps continuous

    Active cooling with forced air such as with a 60mm fan can provide even more current carrying headroom.

  • 5 to 24 Volts (30V absolute max)
  • high frequency PWM, frequencies to 100 kHz
  • ATO style fuse on-board
  • status and power indicator LEDs
  • convenient FAST-ON blade type connectors
  • convenient screw terminals for control logic
  • mounting holes matched for 60 mm fan
  • power header for fan (uses motor supply voltage)
  • locked anti-phase native control method
  • sign magnitude / synchronous rectification also possible
  • small size - 2.5 x 2.6 inches
  • high quality 4-layer board, large ground and power planes

NOTE: Not RoHS compliant

What is an h-bridge?

An h-bridge is used to convert low-power control signals into high-power drive for motor control as well as other high power applications. For example, to control a motor in the forward and reverse directions as well as the motor's speed, you need an h-bridge. One h-bridge is required per motor. The microcontroller connects to the h-bridge's logic level inputs, and the h-bridge converts those low power control signals into high power outputs suitable for driving the motor, controlling the motor's direction, and varying the motor's speed.

The REACTOR RX50 is a high performance h-bridge designed to drive brushed DC motors and other inductive as well as resistive loads. Includes a 20 Amp fuse and heat sink as shown. The RX50 is controlled by direct PWM using locked anti-phase signaling. Sign-magnitude signal control is available using the optional RX50SM module. Note that even when using the RX50SM module, the motor never free-wheels and thus provides tighter control than typical sign-magnitude control implementations. Free-wheeling is inherently not an issue when using the native locked anti-phase control.

RX50SM Sign-Magnitude Logic Module

The RX50 incorporates the ability to provide additional forced air cooling through the use of an optional cooling fan kit. This allows the h-bridge to handle even higher power loads by actively cooling the heat sink.

DARPA Grand Challenge Proven

The RX50 h-bridge is race proven in the brutal DARPA Grand Challenge, where it stood up to the harsh, hot, dusty desert conditions and performed flawlessly for Team Insight Racing.

Download RX50 manual.

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