Mega AVR Integrated Controller

ATmega128 AVR Microcontroller Board

Built with all industrial grade components!

FEATURES: Atmel ATmega128 MCU • 128K Program FLASH, 4K Static RAM, 4K EEPROM • dual level shifted UARTs • RS485 on-board • 6 R/C Servo Headers • I2C ready w/pull-up resistors installed • up to 51 digital I/O pins • Selectable clock frequency of 16 MHz or 14.7456 MHz (select at order time) • Advanced, low drop-out voltage regulator on-board accepts 5.5-15V input with reverse polarity hookup protection • Small size at 2.2 x 3.6 inches

RoHS Compliant: YES

All components are industrial grade.

The BDMICRO MAVRIC-IIB is a powerful microcontroller board based on the ATmega128 MCU. It is fully programmable using familiar languages such as C and BASIC. The GNU GCC C compiler is very popular as it comprises the core of the de-facto standard tool chain of the open source community. Additionally, MCS Electronic's BASCOM-AVR BASIC compiler is also very popular, economical, and highly regarded by AVR enthusiasts.

The MAVRIC-IIB is the perfect microcontroller for many applications such as robotics where a fusion of many sensors and digital I/O are needed. Its copious program and data space allow you to implement sophisticated algorithms and logic without having to compromise features. MAVRIC-IIB's 8 channel, 10-bit A/D converter makes short work of reading analog sensors like the SHARP GP2D12 IR distance sensor. It has 2 on-board UARTs both of which are level-shifted to provide true RS232 levels, or they may be used using the unshifted TTL levels if that is more convenient. One of the UARTs can optionally be run as an RS485 interface which incorporates on-board termination and independent transmitter/receiver control. MAVRIC-IIB is I2C ready with on-board pull-ups so you can hook up your existing I2C devices such as your SRF08 Ultrasonic Ranger and your CMPS01 compass module, plus many other I2C peripherals. In addition to all that, 6 high resolution PWM outputs are available for driving servos and PWM motors with high precision. And with up to 51 digital I/O pins, it can handle even the most complex and demanding control tasks.

The MAVRIC-IIB also includes 6 R/C servo headers for controlling servos directly. An auxiliarly power input is provided to power the servos seperately from the microcontroller electronics which protects the on-board electronics from the high current drain and assocated brown-outs that can result from powering motors and electronics from the same power supply.

The on-board standard programming headers make development easy - 10-pin serial ISP header for connecting to your AVRISP or STK500, and also the standard 10-pin JTAG header for using your JTAGICE for programming and single-step, source level debugging.

The MAVRIC-IIB incorporates an advanced, on-board, low-dropout voltage regulator and can be powered with as little as 5.5 Volts. Four mounting holes are provided for securely mounting your board, and with its small size of 2.2 x 3.6 inches, you can mount it just about anywhere.

Let this microcontroller be the brain of your next project!

Need more than the on-board 4K of internal static RAM? Check out the MAVRIC-II-RE 128K RAM Expansion Module.

Download MAVRIC-IIB manual.

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Price: $99

MAVRIC-IIB - Assembled and Tested (Pin Headers), 16 MHz
Basic MAVRIC-IIB board, assembled and tested, with standard pin headers (installed). All components are industrial grade parts.
Price: $139

MAVRIC-IIB - Assembled and Tested (Screw Terminals), 16 MHz
MAVRIC-IIB board assembled and tested with .1 inch screw terminals installed. The screw terminals are the ideal general purpose connectors, making interfacing to the outside world a snap. All components are industrial grade parts.
Price: $18

MAVRIC-IIB bare PCB only. A complete parts list is provided with the purchase of the PCB. An on-line soldering tutorial is also available.