Mega AVR Integrated Controller, Revision IB

ATmega128 AVR Microcontroller Board

FEATURES: Atmel ATmega128 MCU • 128K external static RAM • dual level shifted UARTs • RS485 interface • I2C ready w/pull-up resistors installed • 32K I2C serial EEPROM on-board • battery backed, I2C serial Real Time Clock on-board • up to 51 digital I/O pins • selectable clock frequency of 16 MHz or 14.7456 MHz (select at order time) • ultra stable 4-Layer circuit board with massive power and ground planes • advanced low-dropout voltage regulator accepts 5.5-24V input with reverse polarity hookup protection • board features are selectable w/convenient DIP switch • small size at 3.0 x 3.6 inches

NOTE: Not RoHS compliant

The MAVRIC-IB controller is the latest revision of our popular MAVRIC board and now includes several popular features including the low-dropout voltage regulator and the RS485 interface that were introduced on our MAVRIC-IIB.

The MAVRIC-IB is an exceptional general purpose controller designed to work in a large variety of control applications where a fusion of many sensors and digital I/O are needed. Application areas include robotics, automation, sensing, motor control, and many others. The MAVRIC-IB's copious program and data space allow you to implement sophisticated algorithms and logic without having to compromise features. And it's extremely fast program execution means that you will have the power you need to implement lightning fast control logic including the use of floating point calcuations.

The MAVRIC-IB's 8, 10-bit A/D converters make it simple to interface to analog signals. Its 6 high resolution hardware PWM outputs are perfect for driving h-bridges for motor control and R/C style servos. Its 8 external interrupt lines work extremely well for high resolution quadrature decoder implementations to track motor positions and implementing motor PID algorithms. The very large FLASH program space and RAM mean you can create large programs without having to pinch memory resources and sacrifice features. With 51 I/O pins and processing power to spare, the MAVRIC-IB is up to nearly any control challenge.

Communications peripherals include hardware I2C bus support for interfacing to external devices such as I/O extenders, additional A/D converters, compass modules, ultrasonics, and many more. The I2C bus pull-up resistors are included on-board for added convenience. Dual level shifted RS232 ports are provided for easy interfacing to standard RS232 equipment such as PCs. The TTL non-level shifted UART interfaces are also available. An RS485 interface is provided for networking with other controllers in very powerful and modular distributed control networks. The industry standard SPI bus is supported in hardware and opens the door to interface with a wide range of peripheral devices.

On-board perhipherals include 32K of I2C serial EEPROM for additional non-volatile data storage beyond the 4K available on-board the MCU chip. An I2C serial Real Time Clock is also provided with battery backup for accurate time-keeping and can keep time even when system power is not applied.

The on-board standard programming headers make development easy - 10-pin serial ISP header for connecting to your AVRISP or STK500, and also the standard 10-pin JTAG header for using your JTAGICE for programming and single-step, source level debugging.

The MAVRIC-IB incorporates an advanced, on-board, low-dropout voltage regulator and can be powered with as little as 5.5 Volts. Four mounting holes are provided for securely mounting your board, and with its small size of 3.0 x 3.6 inches, you can mount it just about anywhere.

Let this powerful controller be the brains of your next project!

Download MAVRIC-IB manual.

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Price: $159

MAVRIC-IB - Assembled and Tested (Screw Terminals), 16 MHz
MAVRIC-IB board assembled and tested with .1 inch screw terminals installed. The screw terminals are the ideal general purpose connectors, making interfacing to the outside world a snap.
Price: $119

MAVRIC-IB - Assembled and Tested (Standard Headers), 16 MHz
Basic MAVRIC-IB board, assembled and tested, with standard pin headers. If for some reason you don't want the pin headers installed, please let us know at order time.
Price: $18

The Bare PCB is just the bare printed circuit board with no components and no assembly. The PCB is a high quality, 4-layer, silk-screened and solder-masked circuit board, professionally manufactured for ease of soldering and usability. This is the most cost effective option if your parts cabinet is well stocked and you are skilled in soldering and circuit assembly. A complete parts list is provided with your board. An on-line soldering tutorial is also available.