Useful Web Sites and Other Resources

The Web is full of many wonderful web sites and information. Never before has so much information and so many products been so easily available. Below are some web sites, products, and mailing lists that we have found useful. We provide them here in case they may be useful to you as well.
Budget Robotics carries a very nice line of robotic kits. Many of these kits make the perfect base for a MAVRIC or MAVRIC-II controller. Their quality is very good and their prices are excellent.
Devantech, Ltd makes a number of sensor and utility modules that are well built and useful accessories for the MAVRIC boards. Among them are the SRF-08 Ultrasonic Ranging Module, the SP03 Speech Module, and CMPS03 Compass Modules. You can find sample code for using these modules in our Sample Code section.
Yahoo! discussion group focusing on AVR processors, tools, etc.
AVRfreaks is a great resource for AVR developers. At AVRfreaks you will find design notes, links and information regarding new devices and tools, as well as forums where you can discuss design ideas and ask questions with other AVR developers.
Circuit Specialists is a great source of electronics test equipment, power supplies, stepper motors, and many other items useful for the enthusiast or professional.