The MAVRIC-IIB is the Primary Control System for Insight Racing's DARPA Grand Challenge Vehicle

"The MAVRIC-IIB is the work-horse of our control system. With our single MAVRIC-IIB board we are able to fully control all of our vehicle's actuator functions including closed loop steering, throttle, brake, and transmission controls and have processor cycles to spare for the associated high frequency floating point PID loops. In addition to actuator control, we use it to interface with our high resolution quadrature encoder which senses truck speed and also for sampling engine timing which is used to calculate engine RPM. We use these vehicle parameters in our PID calculations also performed by the MAVRIC-IIB which drives the overall motion of the truck to the speed and direction commanded by our higher level navigation computer. And even after all that, we have enough I/O and processing power left over to use the MAVRIC-IIB to drive our primary panel status display, handle remote control operations and emergency stop, and monitor system battery voltage and power levels. Last but not least, we love the screw terminal connectors which allow us to quickly and reliably make the connections to our sensor and control interfaces."

--- Grayson Randall, Team Lead, Insight Racing

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