Comparison Matrix

Use the following table to help you select the BDMICRO controller that best suits your needs.


BASE PRICE $119 $99
CPU ATmega128 ATmega128
CLOCK SPEED 16 MHz or 14.7456 MHz 16 MHz or 14.7456 MHz
FLASH (program space) 128K 128K
SRAM (data/variable space) 4K internal, 128K external 4K (upgradable to 128K using MAVRIC-II-RE)
EEPROM 4K internal + 32K I2C serial 4K
RS232 2 2
RS485 1 1
I2C Bus Pull-ups Yes Yes
I2C Serial Real Time Clock (RTC) Yes No
I2C RTC battery backup On-Board n/a
Available I/O 51 51
Screw Terminals Connections Vcc, Gnd, RS485 Power, Gnd, RS232, RS485
Screw Terminals for I/O Headers Optional Optional
10-bit A/D 8 8
Hardware PWM 6 6
Servo Headers no 6
Separate Servo Power n/a Yes
ISP Header (In-System-Programmable) Yes Yes
JTAG Header (programming and debugging) Yes Yes
Options Selection DIP Switch DIP Switch
Supply Voltage 5.5-15V 5.5-15V
Reverse Polarity Hookup Protection Yes Yes
32 KHz Alternate Clock Source for Timer 0 No No
Size (inches) 3x3.6 2.2x3.6
Mounting Holes 4 (corners) 4 (corners)