Using a SRF08 with MAVRIC or MAVRIC-II Mega128 Board

The Devantech SRF08 Ultrasonic Ranger Module is an distance sensor which uses measures the time for the return echo of an ultrasonic pulse. To use it, one directs the module to issue a ping, then after an elapsed time long enough for the echo to return, one can query the module to determine the distance of a number of echo responses (not just the first echo). The SRF08 uses I2C to interface to your microprocessor, and can be used for obstacle detection and mapping.

Using the SRF08's I2C interface is perfect for use with your MAVRIC or MAVRIC-II Mega128 board which incorporates hardware assisted I2C capabilities.

The sample program demonstrates how to generate a ping and read the resulting echo data from the SRF08 Ultrasonic Ranger Module using the 2-wire I2C bus.

Sample program is here.

See the hookup diagram for wiring information.