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BDMICRO LLC designs and manufactures high quality microcontroller boards and h-bridge motor drivers. Founded in 2002, we strive to produce the highest quality products for our customers and work hard to maintain the highest levels of service and satisfaction.

Our microcontrollers are fully programmable in many programming languages including native Assembler, BASIC, C, FORTH, Pascal among others. See our Development Tools section for many options.

Do you want to get started quickly? See our Sample Code section to get a head start on programming our boards for many common tasks from simply flashing an LED to driving dual h-bridges with full quadrature feedback.

BDMICRO LLC welcomes International orders and ships worldwide. Whether you are around the corner or on the other side of the planet, BDMICRO delivers.

MAVRIC-IB ATmega128 Microcontroller w/128K of RAM
This is our MAVRIC-IB product - our newest revision to the orginal MAVRIC board. It is an ATmega128 based microcontroller board with 128K external RAM, battery backed I2C serial Real Time Clock (coin button cell on-board), I2C serial EEPROM, dual RS232 serial ports, In-System-Programming header, and JTAG debugging and programming header. Board features are easily enabled with a convenient DIP switch. The ultra-stable 4-layer design ensures reliable operation under a variety of conditions.
MAVRIC-IIB ATmega128 Microntroller
This is our new and improved MAVRIC-IIB product - the next revision of our MAVRIC-II. The MAVRIC-IIB incorporates most of the great features of the MAVRIC-II, but also includes several oft asked for conveniences like a DIP switch instead of jumpers and 6 R/C servo headers directly on the board. The MAVRIC-IIB is an ATmega128 based microcontroller board featuring all industrial grade parts with dual RS232 serial ports, RS485, 6 R/C servo headers, low dropout regulator, In-System-Programming header, and JTAG debugging and programming header. An optional 128K RAM Expansion module is available.
RELAY-8 Relay Control Board
This is our RELAY-8, an 8 way relay board, designed for controlling up to 1A at 24VDC, or 0.5A at 125VAC. The relays are controlled by 8 logic level inputs, each input controls 1 relay. It cannot get much more simple or reliable than that. Features include all screw terminal connections for easy hook-up, SPDT circuit, NO/COM/NC terminals for each relay, as well as a highly efficient integrated power supply capable of accepting from as low as 5.5V all the way up to 24VDC while still running cool to the touch.
OPTO-8 Optical Isolated Input Board Board
This is our OPTO-8, an 8 way optical isolation input board. Designed to isolate circuits from one another, this board provides up to 5300 Vrms of isolation. Common input voltages can be selected with a jumper at each input, and a custom selector is provided using a user-supplied resistor to tailor the input for any required voltage. Outputs are referenced to the host circuit's VCC. All screw terminal connections ensure easy and reliable hook-up to your circuit.
REACTOR RX50 H-Bridge Motor Driver
This is our REACTOR RX50 high performance H-bridge motor driver. Based on high quality 4-layer PCB design and construction, this h-bridge is just what you need to drive your medium to large sized motors. Features include high frequency PWM drive, built-in fuse protection, status indicator LEDs, optional heat sink for additional cooling, multiple control methods, and lots more.
MAVRIC-II-RE, Assembled and Tested
128K RAM Expansion for MAVRIC-IIB